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Cuba: If it’s such a health superpower, why have thousands of doctors fled? A total of 1,278 Cuban medics fled to make use of a US parole programme for doctors in 2013 alone. “I LIVED IN Spain for 18 years but knew due to the economic crisis, I couldn’t continue my studies there. If I […] Continue reading
REPORT: CUBA REFUSES TO PAY DOCTORS SENT ABROAD TO FIGHT EBOLA by FRANCES MARTEL26 Oct 201538 The estimated 460 Cuban doctors deployed to west Africa to participate in the fight against the Ebola outbreak developing there last year have not been paid the car, home, or World Health Organization (WHO) salaries they were promised if […] Continue reading
Cuba, A Country Without Thermometers / 14ymedio, Luz Escobar Posted on October 25, 2015 14ymedio, Luz Escobar, 25 October 2015 – There are few grandmothers left who simply put their hand on a grandchild’s forehead to find out if he or she has a fever. With the widespread availability of body temperature thermometers in the […] Continue reading
TOP 10 LIES IN OBAMA’S CUBA SPEECH by JOEL B. POLLAK 18 Dec 2014 President Barack Obama unveiled a new U.S. policy toward Cuba on Wednesday as part of a deal that brought American Alan Gross home in exchange for three convicted Cuban spies. As he has done so often in the past, Obama tried […] Continue reading
Spain-Cuba Relations Still Far From Normal November 26, 2014 By Isaac Risco (dpa) HAVANA TIMES— “This trip is part of our country’s normal bilateral relations,” Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo insisted on leaving Havana, but the circumstances in which the Spanish Foreign Minister ended his visit to Cuba suggest that the two countries are still far from […] Continue reading
WSJ: CUBA MAKING ALMOST $8 BILLION A YEAR ON MEDICAL ‘SLAVERY’ by FRANCES MARTEL 12 Nov 2014 Corrected Billion instead of million The Ebola crisis may have brought nothing but terror and devastation to the countries it affected, but for the communist hermit island of Cuba, it was an opportunity to gain political leverage with […] Continue reading
CUBAN GOVERNMENT BANS DOCTORS FIGHTING EBOLA IN AFRICA FROM RETURNING IF THEY GET SICK by FRANCES MARTEL 16 Oct 2014 10 POST A COMMENT While the Ebola outbreak in west Africa has been nothing short of devastating for affected nations, at least one country has been able to exploit the crisis to garner goodwill: Cuba, […] Continue reading