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Raúl Castro: “No es correcto preguntarnos sobre presos políticos… Y ya” Posted on 21 marzo, 2016 Por Redacción CaféFuerte Fue el momento más inesperado de la sesión de declaraciones ante la prensa de Barack Obama y Raúl Castro este lunes en el Palacio de la Revolución de La Habana. Nadie se esperaba, ni el propio […] Continue reading
NO EMBARGO, NO CRY ORLANDO LUIS PARDO LAZO MARCH 18, 2015 This article is part of The Mantle’s series Against Censorship. The U.S. embargo against the Cuban government is like those recurrent childhood nightmares, for both Cubans living on the Island and abroad. Oh, the Embargo Embargo: limit of our life, fire of our leaders… […] Continue reading
Major Developments in Cuba for 2014 January 2, 2015 By Café Fuerte President Barack Obama in the Oval Office, during a historical phone conversation with Raul Castro on December 16. HAVANA TIMES — Below, readers will find 12 highly important events that made headlines and had a significant impact on Cuba and Cubans during 2014. […] Continue reading
Why real change in Cuba won’t come easy or fast By WILLIAM M. LEOGRANDE Commentary Opinion Cuba Caribbean Asia Politics and Government International Sanctions Don’t expect things to change overnight with Cuba: How the next chapter in U.S.-Cuba relations could unfold Repealing the Helms-Burton Act will be far tougher than reaching agreement with Havana The […] Continue reading
How Does Fidel Castro See Cuba’s New Era with the USA? December 22, 2014 By Isaac Risco (dpa) HAVANA TIMES — Where is Fidel Castro? The total absence in public of the former Cuban president begins to generate questions days after the governments of Washington and Havana announced a landmark agreement to resume their relations. […] Continue reading
Venezuela wants to expand oil diplomacy despite falling prices 14/12/2014 – 20:32 By Daniel Trotta HAVANA (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told leftist allies from Latin America on Sunday he wanted to expand the Petrocaribe programme of providing oil at preferential terms, even as falling oil prices add more stress to the Venezuelan economy. […] Continue reading
Are Cuba’s Economic Reforms For Real? Cuba has started making concessions to capitalism, but not out of necessity. Rob Montz | December 9, 2014 Over the summer, the proletariat paradise dispatched a fleet of state-trained doctors to West Africa to care for Ebola patients as part of its long-standing “global medical diplomacy” division. Regime officials […] Continue reading
Cuba urges slashing tariffs on intra-Caribbean trade Published December 08, 2014 EFE Cuban President Raul Castro on Monday called for revising and updating the trade and cooperation agreement between his country and the Caribbean Community to scrap tariffs on 300 products. “Small and vulnerable” countries need to receive “special treatment on trade access and investments,” […] Continue reading
Cuban MD who Contracted Ebola Returning Home Soon December 5, 2014 HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban doctor who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone has recovered from the disease and will soon return to the island, according to a statement from the health authorities published today in Havana. Those responsible for the University Hospital of Geneva […] Continue reading
Cuban Health Care Workers’ Motives: Idealism or Necessity? Posted on November 27, 2014 By Jeovany Jimenez Vega During an interview last Thursday on his afternoon radio program the host, Ninoska Perez, told me about the mood he perceived in the Cuban medical brigade workers dispatched a few days ago by Raul Castro. He was struck […] Continue reading
Spain-Cuba Relations Still Far From Normal November 26, 2014 By Isaac Risco (dpa) HAVANA TIMES— “This trip is part of our country’s normal bilateral relations,” Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo insisted on leaving Havana, but the circumstances in which the Spanish Foreign Minister ended his visit to Cuba suggest that the two countries are still far from […] Continue reading
Cuba: The fight against Ebola is the new theater of war / Juan Juan Almeida Posted on November 4, 2014 Every interesting story has light and dark parts, epic actions, and a protagonist who inspires. The rest consists of weaving reasons and emotions together by way of origami. The Cuban government knows very well how […] Continue reading