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Member of Cuban Ebola Mission Dies of Malaria
HAVANA — Oct 27, 2014, 2:41 PM ET

Cuba says a member of a medical team it sent to fight Ebola in West
Africa has died of malaria.

According to state newspaper Granma, Jorge Juan Guerra Rodriguez, 60,
died in Guinea on Oct. 26 from cerebral malaria, a complication of the
parasitic infection that severely and sometimes fatally damages the brain.

The newspaper said two tests for Ebola turned up no sign of the disease.

Cuba sent 165 medical workers to Sierra Leone this month, followed by a
second group of 83 who went to Guinea and Liberia last week. Guerra, who
the newspaper said was trained as an economist, was a member of the
advance team sent to Africa before the doctors were dispatched.

Source: Member of Cuban Ebola Mission Dies of Malaria – ABC News –

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